Its all in the Details

Dedicated to doing things right.

Quality, efficiency, flexibility, integrity and Style…we are tougher on ourselves then you will ever be. If you are looking for one line that can satisfy every type of customer that comes your way, we would like a chance to prove to you that we can be that Product Line.


It’s All In The Details

Have you ever heard that saying, “It’s all in the details”? Well that has never been more true than it is in our business of creating Dream Kitchens for people all over the country.We here at Generations have worked very hard to create a product line that not only fills a niche in the California Marketplace, but fills it with style and a robust offering.We paid close attention to all the details when creating this product line, and we will pay close attention to every order you send us.

When we started this product line, we decided we did not want to be the low ball provider, or the Jack-of-all-trades. We knew what our strengths were and we designed our product line to feature and promote those strengths – quality, efficiency, flexibility, integrity and style.We have over a hundred years of combined experience in the team that put this line together and we feel that it shows.

We build our cases out of 3/4″ material…we could use thinner material and save a few dollars on every cabinet, but we know that 3/4″ is better. Our standard case construction is a White Melamine box with a Furniture Board Core. The substrate in this board is engineered for furniture and cabinet construction and is designed for durability, water resistance, and easy maintenance.It is engineered to stay flatter than Plywoods and to hold the special screws we use in our assembly. Every cabinet is both doweled and screwed together using Confirmat Screws.The threads of these specialized screws are designed to hold and grip the materials we use and also to act as metal dowels for more strength.

We also offer a variety of options for the case construction, from colored and wood grain melamines to a clear finished Birch Plywood, although it is hard not to recognize the inherent strength, versatility and cost efficiency of our standard white case.

We know that not every consumer is the same, with either their tastes or budget so we have covered a vast spectrum of price points in our doors and drawer options. As a Kitchen and Bath Professional, you will find a large selection of our entry level TFL (Thermofused Laminate) doors that are priced extremely competitive, and our offering extends up the price ladder to include Structured Laminates, High Pressure Laminates, Acrylics, Wood Veneers, High Gloss Melmines, Thermofoil finishes, Shinnoki Specialized Veneers and Solid Wood doors prefinished any number of standard or specialized Glazed Finishes. At every price point in our line we are confident we are competitive when comparing to similar quality cabinets found elsewhere.

Our hardware, both Hinges and Drawer Guides, are Guaranteed for life.Our hinges are six way adjustable and have a soft close feature. In regards to our drawers and hardware, we offer a large selection there too. Our standard drawer is now a Dual Walled Metal Drawer Box with an integrated soft close full extension guide, and the bottom is made to match the interior of the cabinet case selected,.This offers 100 lb. capacity per drawer and a smooth operation.

We also offer Plywood Dovetail and Solid Wood Dovetail drawers which we mount on high quality undermount, soft close, full extension drawer guides.

For a more contemporary drawer, we offer the Blum Legrabox Drawer System – arguably the best drawer on the market. These drawers feature a 5/8″ bottom and back in material to match the case construction and the drawer system itself is in a Stainless Steel Finish.

We would love to include you in the growing Generations family, so contact us soon to apply for a dealership opportunity in your territory.