Thermofoil Laminates

Thermofoil Laminates

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Matte Red Kitchen

Our Thermofoil products are seamlessly constructed by one of our most trusted Trade Partners. The process starts with Rigid Thermal Foils (RTF), which are applied to a durable and stable composite core of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and are often referred to as 3D Laminates.

This is another area where the advancement in Photo Realism has moved a product offering forward by leaps and bounds. Not only are the colors brighter, the patterns come alive and the wood grains are more realistic than ever before.

There are some Woodgrains, when paired with a Five Piece Door Style it is hard for seasoned Kitchen Designers to tell that it is not genuine wood.

We provide this material most often in a slab door, but they are available in a myriad of styles and designs including Five Piece Doors. The colors shown in our gallery are just a small sampling of what is available. Please ask your designer to show you the complete catalog so you can see the vast array of colors and door styles you can choose from.

Colors marked with an SS aare Special Selection and may add to both the lead time and cost of your project. Please consult your designer for more information. Those ending in HG are High Gloss colors.